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In 1971, NYPD Officers Waverly Jones and Joseph Piagentini were ambushed, shot and killed while on foot patrol in a housing project in Manhattan. They were executed by three members of the Black Liberation Army:   Herman Bell, Albert Washington and Anthony Bottom.  The murderers were all sentenced to 25-to-life; Washington subsequently died of cancer, but because of the laws then in effect, the other two are parole eligible every two years.

Herman Bell is coming up for parole near the end of February, and we are reaching out to the public to ask support by the signing of a petition which will help to keep this vile cop-killer incarcerated, where he belongs.

The New York State Senate Majority, along with numerous representatives of the law enforcement community, held a press conference about this very important issue.  Please click here to view the New York State Senate Majority news conference regarding this matter.

Please click here to sign the petition to deny the release of Herman Bell.


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